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 Welcome to Hallelujah

            We specialize on many branches of medical care ....

We at Hallelujah Higher Medical Clinic are committed to provide you with all the health care you need. We specilize on many branches of medical care. With all the experts at hand and the use of highly advanced medical technologies we asure you that your health is with in safe hands. We are open 24 HOURS for those in need of medical attention

Emergency Services
When accidents happen, patients can count on our fast & responsive staff and resources to provide emergency care. We’re ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 30 days a month.Click here for more information.
Pulmonary Care
We make sure that you breathe easy with the help of our Expert plumoniology and up-to-date medical equipments.We believe we have the resources to help you. Click here for more information.
Bed Room
Patients can stay in our comfortable and clean bedrooms, with constant attention from our nurses and Doctors. Click here for more information.
Our Vision
The vision of Hallelujah Clinic is to expand into a hospital and provide state of art medical service in respiratory and other related services.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide quality and speedy service so as to relieve the suffering of our patients
History of Hallelujah Clinic
Hallelujah clinic was established in July 2007 =@at the current premire, along bole road infront of bole printing press. The clinic is a private limited company(PLC) owned by the family of DR. Getachew Aderaye and his spouse w/o Yetenayet Eshetu. It is legaly registered by the Ethiopian Investment Authority and the Addis Ababa Heath care Bureau. Hallelujah Clinic is governed by a Board of Directors which constitutes of five members .
Our Location
We are Situated in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia, along Bole Road in front of Bole Printing Press
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